Lifestyles of the complex and confused?

People are like trees- they all have a root system under the surface that most of us do not see, and a source of nourishment. But unlike trees, some people reveal their true source when they organize themselves on facebook, repeat themselves on youtube, and splash out with a new girlfriend or boyfriend, a new car, or a new toy- something reflecting their inner character.

Recently, I found myself speaking with a stranger about values. While the stranger spoke, I noted that her self-appraisal did not match her online profile. This does not, of course, mean that she was untrue to either herself, her public, or her persona. What it did mean is that 2 + 2 is not four, that stars in the sky are not just beyond one’s reach, and that the tooth fairy is not necessarily loaded with silver cash, quarters, or stray dollar bills. In reality, it is all a bit of a jumble trying to explain what is now intricately complex. For in our world of personas, some lie, some tell the truth, but even more are confused. The latter is so true when the character presents a face that cannot match his or her actions. No, the real source is a spiritual thing, one many people cannot or will not grasp. But, as the Bible states, you know the tree by its fruit.

It amazes me how many people I meet- especially women- call themselves “born-again Christians,” “conservative,” or “traditional,” but who, when their source is revealed, are opposites of what they claim, or people who confuse “labels” with reality. This reminds me of a brief period in my life when it was assumed- by those who assumed- that I must certainly be Jewish. The evidence supported it, they claimed. I attended a religious meeting on Friday nights, I had two Jewish friends, and I frequently used the term “that’s not kosher.” They ignored the fact that I ate sausage in their presence, was able to quote New Testament passages in first century Greek, and had an Irish, not Jewish, name. In other words, people sometimes do not pay attention to where the tree is planted, where the root system goes, nor the obvious.

There is much ignorance and prejudice in the world that has nothing to do with race. Humanity is certainly no closer to evolving into something better; human nature and ignorance still permeate much of the planet. But now, as the virtual world explodes into ever more complex facets of “reality,” the possibility of confusion has expanded. It is only when we discover one’s source of strength that we find who a person truly is…

One response to “Lifestyles of the complex and confused?”

  1. Interesting post indeed. I see what you mean very much, and like the analogy about a tree/roots. Great writing here, introspective.

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