Reflecting on Floyd Collins

Floyd Collins,” an off-broadway play that debuted in 1996, is one of the most intricate performances imaginable. It is a choreographer’s nightmare combined with an awkward musical score…a challenge for any actor. Still, tonight’s performance at the state theater proved memorable, particularly for some superb acting and singing from young Katy Nichols, a theatre graduate from Bethel College in Indiana, and Bob Bonhage, an actor originally from the Philadelphia area. While I expect good performances from seasoned actors- which I saw- it is particularly satisfying to see younger actors perform at a higher level…

It is when I see such performances, in spite of the shortcomings (or poor writing) of the playwright, that I am reminded of my duty to create a play that instigates a vivacious performance with ease, with a flow. Writing a play may be quite different than writing a book, but without flow, both never reach the level of communication and effect that their author intended. And that, dear ones, is why I was revising today, to return to the flow, to recapture what my imagination created months ago.

And so I reflect, and review, and return, as always. It makes me a better writer, and better person. For every time I revise, I am reminded that writing reflects life, and the need to reflect and revise every day. If we are not growing, if we are not becoming better people, then we have not learned how to revise, nor have we understood the truth of the essence of creative communication. We become as awkward as a poorly constructed play, with movement that causes us to be confused or misunderstood.

I admit that being an author and playwright helps me to be more aware of who I am and where I am going. While there is a price to pay for every dedicated professional writer, at least the revising process keeps me in line…unlike a young celebrated misadventurer who died deep in a Kentucky cave…

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