You have hairy legs…you must come with me!

Some people have fetishes, but whole police departments? That’s going a bit too far…

Several hairy-legged women were arrested by Ontario police, profiled because they had hairy legs, spoke with French Canadian accents, and wore black. Makes you wonder if they were all wearing their “little black dresses.” Is this what happens when we have sickos running a police department? It is a sad day when law enforcement is so warped that they are the ones who need correcting.

I am too far from Ontario or Quebec to protest these arrests- although these women have been set free since then. But, if I was closer, I might call all of my hairy-legged friends to go stand in front of the Ontario police station responsible and hold a Gillette Razor Burn-In. Then, we would speak unintelligible French and dance around with a black silk banner, proclaiming our freedom from the bondage of Razors. Next, we would sing “We Are The Hairy” to the song “We Are The World,” and conclude with a series of “French” insults from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Following the protest, we would walk to our different vehicles, remove our license plates, and replace them with Quebec license plates…driving off into the night…yelling “you English-speaking pig-dogs…prenez cette! (take that!)”

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