Pardonez-moi, but I seem to be missing something. Something green and familiar. Not that I am complaining. No, that would be silly. But it would be nice if at least one person…even a relative…would drop in from the emerald isle…or maybe, just maybe, a Scottish red-haired gem-de-la-femme…

Culture is a rather sloppy thing to sort out. I once met a girl from Inverness- years ago before I had the guts to hold onto her…who taught me how to make something she called “Scottish Rice.” I watched as her friend emptied ingredients into a bowl, then cooked some rice, and finished the coveted dish. But when they doled it out onto plates, I found myself thinking how oddly familiar it looked. And then I realized, it resembled something my college friends made when they were low on funds.

Recently, I visited a “follower” to read her latest post, and found myself feeling woefully ignorant. In two successive posts she mentioned fruit and cultural characteristics so foreign to me, I stumbled across the page and landed on my cultural backside.

But it is culture that makes us interesting to one another. We can find deep pleasure in experiencing difference, while human nature remains the same (that’s “sane human nature”). Love will always be supreme, whether it is practiced or cherished or not…I am a teddy bear…and what the world needs now is love sweet…so much so, that I need a visit from some of my clann across The Pond…and, of course, I would not mind hearing from The Pond- Amy Pond herself…Karen Gillan…but I suppose I am dreaming again…but maybe, as I am leaving the Tardis…wait, I’m still awake!

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