Welcome to Myopia

“What national park lies directly south of Dollywood?”

In the center of the class, a tall boy stuck his hand out like a lantern post.


“Mongolia,” the boy answered.

No one laughed. No one checked the map. In fact, no one got the message, because no one thought it was important.

And while it is conceivable that a freshman high school student might rush into a linguistic nightmare (“Mongolia” for “Monongahela,” also wrong) while not studying the map, it would seem inconceivable that an organization with a spotless reputation would myopically abolish common sense in favor of political results. Yet that is exactly what the most respected Christian organization in the United States is doing. It has decided to compromise spiritual beliefs in favor of political beliefs.

Perhaps it is time to resurrect history’s timeline to learn from the lessons of ideological encroachment. Travel back in time with me to the 1920’s and 1930’s, to a country known as Germany. We have beat the horse dead so many times that too many of our  people have not learned the lessons of what incubated and grew into the Third Reich. One need only look to the abandonment of religious principles, in favor of political principles, to see how a nation fell into a pigpen of spiritual harlotry, allowing for a radical agenda to spring forth, bud, and be nurtured, emerging as one of the most evil creations mankind has ever developed. But it did not come overnight, it came in on cat’s feet, as TS Eliot might describe, in a time when people were not focusing on the spiritual, having bowed down to the political. And that, fellow citizens, is just what the Billy Graham Evangelical  Association is doing- abandoning Christian principles for political motive. That said, all Americans who seek to live their lives following in the footsteps of Christ, must respond as we are told to do. For those who fail to forsee their future, end up regretting their past.

While it is true that one evil may be better than a greater evil, the lesser evil does not give any Christian license to abandon any tenet of the faith, just as no believer in Islam would reject a pillar of their faith while remaining an ardent follower. It is inconceivable. When a sect does not agree with the standard pillars of that faith, it cannot be included among those revered as “the brethryn.” Equating a heretical sect with a believer in right standing, a part of the body of believers, is both unscriptural and unscrupulous.

I am therefore calling on my brethryn throughout the United States to examine themselves before scriptural truth to determine if they have compromised the truth, as the Billy Graham Association is now doing in their latest move. They have fallen prey to myopia, for each viable candidate in the race has an agenda: one attacking the structure of the nation as an anti-colonialist, and one waiting in the wings for an improbable utopian dream broadcast by fringe prophets of a fringe sect that has crept into the halls of power and may quietly do just as the Nazis did in 1930’s Germany, taking over the soul of a nation, creeping in on cat’s feet…

It is better to hold to the truth, than to capitulate to a lie in the hope that a lie will erase a more evil future. The leaders of the nation have embraced a path that will lead to more trouble, long before hope can flicker a tiny flame in the descending decline of a once- and no more future- power…

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