another day

colored lights….must be Christmas…movie spotlight…a church band singing “Here I am to Worship”…”Go Tell It On The Mountain”…and an angel on stage…backpacks hugging corners and edges of the common corridors…a circle of children smiling and praying…jackets hanging on command post hooks behind a desk…Please Use Other Door- used and open…gingerbread cookies as hard as cement…the aroma of freshly buttered popcorn luring visitors down the hall…rotting spinach in Michelle Obama’s lunch program decorating discarded trays…”Gingers Rule” according to a dry erase board message…musty nineteenth century books sandwiched like Oreos between twentieth century trash beneath a cathedral ceiling…low tech, high tech, no tech, Star Trek in a salmon colored bookcase, in a room deep in the basement, opposite “the Hobbit Hole-” a twentieth century relic of faulty construction…the winter sun dancing upon blue-tinted glass, flirting with sculptured figures deep below the sidewalk…as the day lingers, till evening’s shadow clothes the mountainsides with a blanket of soon coming sleep, when the world between the mountains passes through another phase, and no creatures stir within the brick-sided building beneath the stars of a suddenly stinky sky…a sign is coming from the southeast- as winter wakes again…and tomorrow the children may wake to a world white with snow…

About thelostkerryman

Thelostkerryman is an author, and entrepreneur, living in the forests of a consistently confused country. Here in this hill country, hurling doesn't usually involve a hurley; store-made soda bread has the consistency of a sea sponge; and Kerrygold butter has finally found a permanent place on the grocery shelves everywhere. His blogs are an account of his adventures, thoughts, eclectic -and eccentric- ramblings, random or insightful poetry, humor and non-humor, pictures (photos), video, essays, fiction, poetic fiction, nonfiction, drama, and writing he has not classified in the description above. All of his posts from,,, and are copywrited according to international copywrite law.
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