Mister Paul goes to Washington

A senator from Kentucky is speaking on the floor of the US senate, trying to bring attention and shame to a reality most Americans don’t want to believe- that the government believes and is actually engaged in- using unmanned drones against its own citizens. And as this, and other “horrifying” realizations, sink into the American mind, one wonders how far down this once great Romanesque empire might fall.

No one seems to like my stern, revealing posts, and while I don’t like writing them, there is a time and a place for everything. People tend to like good words, not harsh ones, as is evident even in some religious circles where “prophets” cry that “great blessings will fall on America.” Such nonsense is, of course, ludicrous, whether you believe in prophecy or not, since the nation has a long history of grevious sins as pathetic as any people- from sanctioned mass murders to wickedness reflective of Sodom and Gommorah.

But it is one man against the wheels of change in Washington, like the fictional Mister Smith who went to Washington (or was it Mister Deeds?). And, whether you like Mister Paul or not, surely you would admit that he is indeed standing up to perceived tyranny, and therefore, an example to us all. For without a stand, the wheels of destruction run over the citizen and as history has shown, the common man and woman suffer the most.

It is with a tinge of sadness that I observe Mister Paul, because I know that the road America has taken- unless diverted- leads nowhere but to the same road the Roman Empire took…

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4 Responses to Mister Paul goes to Washington

  1. Java Girl says:

    I saw this coming two years before Obama was voted in. No one seemed to do their homework about this man (except the few of us who did research before Google decided to “erase” articles from the public eye), all they cared about was making “history”. It takes a lot of guts to stand up for what you believe in these days. I would do the same thing. I guess I have a backbone of platinum steel and nothing or no one will convince me otherwise. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sirfelion says:

    I was impressed with his persistence; 12 plus hour filibuster. I was not aware of what he was about. He did get a letter from the White House today verifying it is illegal to target Americans here, but a letter is not a binding Contract! I am very worried about them in police hands-spying in windows, then busting down your door. Or just shooting suspects, can fly after them far faster than any cop can run. Huge room for abuse. I read they have been hacked, so a clever enemy can commandeer one away from its owners and turn it against them or others. Really bad. Can wage “war” real cheap without soldiers at risk, so higher chance of escalating conflicts. Kinda cowardly to attack an enemy without you being exposed, either. Here in Central FL they have sky cops, that ride powered paragliders to swoop down on us, ewww. Big drug busts now they can skim over cropland. Good post.

  3. Yes, Rand Paul did finally get a “letter” from the powers “in charge.” However, as some suggest, governments often produce “letters” and other “information” to placate the populace. Of course, due to a lack of intelligence, I have declined from commenting on this further- my lugubrious peasant life is demanding enough.

  4. queenlorene says:

    Technology is changing so fast that morality or ethical conversations cannot debate and made decisions that look at the positive and negative impact on society now and in the future. And I feel that we are powerless unless the voices we elect stand up and protect who they serve. I understand that there is an internet for IA computers to talk to each other. these impacts will only be proven brilliant or disastrous in hindsight.

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