Hillbilly Bart and Someday

Last Saturday I was driving back to town when I encountered a couple of weathered-looking backpackers walking along the two-lane highway. A long-bearded fellow introduced himself as “Hillbilly Bart,” and his athletic sidekick introduced herself as “Someday.” With names like that, and packs like they had, they had to be serious thru-hikers…

Hillbilly Bart and someday are hiking the Great Eastern Trail, a concept put together awhile back that is intended to be a more westerly alternative to the Appalachian Trail. It runs from Alabama to New York and these two hikers have already covered more than 1,000 miles on their journey. 

Meeting these two adventurers was a real blessing, especially since they are the first “official” thru-hiking couple to attempt the entire trail. You can follow their travels at www.gethiking.net. 

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