Riding On The Retro Line

Japan is testing a 300 mile an hour train that is shaped more like an anteater than any train I’ve seen. They regularly travel at much higher speeds than what American trains do, and money is spent on rail infastructure.

Meanwhile, back here in the USA, or DSA (Dysfunctional States of America), the fastest regularly scheduled trains run at 135 miles per hour, traveling just 35 miles somewhere in the Northest- in the New England area.

Not that I really enjoy traveling at warp speed while trying to drink a bottle of soda pop (fizzy drink), but I feel more and more like my part of the USA- in particular- is looking and feeling like RetroLand. Traveling by train here is like a nice early 1900’s industrial age vacation into the past on a quiet weekend afternoon. Normally, this suits me, since I am a romantic. Yet, trying to get anywhere far away in a hurry in the States has become a quagmire in bureaucracy. But that argument is for another time…

There is something to be said about preserving a pace of life that is slower, more purposeful, and more traditional. I am speaking of rail, not flying. Slow speed rail encourages us to spend time savoring the view, conversing with a neighbor, and contemplating life…which is certainly difficult to do at 300 miles an hour…


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1 Response to Riding On The Retro Line

  1. Java Girl says:

    I’ve never been on a train trip. Hopefully, later on this year I’ll finally get a chance to ride all the way to Quebec City, Canada. Nice write up Mr. Daithi!

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