An hour at the Arboretum


As summer’s flowers bloom, summer’s travelers invade the asphalt pathways of the Arboretum, a spectacle of identified species arranged in bouquets of wonder. Windows slide down, dog ears flap in the breeze, and more than a few children stop their “adults” to bargain for a potty break, the snack bar, or “can we go get ice cream now?” Still more vehicles inch along the narrow paved parkway, backing up traffic and tempers, as patience becomes either a practiced virtue or a lacking character trait. It is a puzzle to me- in these circumstances- that anyone can thoroughly enjoy each and every species of flowering vegetation and tree.


I know. As I examined this particular tree- trying to determine why it was special when it resembled too many I’ve seen “in the wild,” a vehicle, approaching the speed of light…or the speed of irritation…caught my footing and frame in a sudden gust and a sudden bottom-sitting episode. As the next vehicle slowed to investigate, I struggled to attain a horizontal view…best not to look stupid while enjoying the beauty of these…


…which remind me of home…several hours away in the mountains…where are the unusual things?

…which prompted me to follow another vehicle into the parking area for the museum and snack shop. Once inside, I discovered a treasure-load of information- all the information I needed to actually determine where I was, what I was looking at, and how to move around…in this maze they call The Arboretum.

…the second time around made a whole lot more sense, helped me find short cuts around “stalled” vehicles, and allowed me to skip the mundane.

If you are traveling this summer, and are in Ohio (USA), visit Dawes Arboretum, about ten minutes north of Interstate 70, just south of Newark, Ohio.


One response to “An hour at the Arboretum”

  1. I like Dawes Arboretum and you did an excellent job of writing about the place! I used to like the old fire tower lookout, which was great to be able to view so much of the land!

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