Meeting my favorite artist

I didn’t have it on my “bucket list.” I had no idea he would be there. But when I walked into the art gallery this evening, my favorite living artist stood near my favorite painting in the whole wide world. What are the chances of that?

He wanted to talk baseball, I wanted to talk artistic process.

“Who are the Pirates playing? Are they playing tonight? What happened to them last night?”

And splattered out in all their glory, the most amazing paintings in the world stood before me. I longed to touch the mudding-like texture, the thick glaze of rhododendron and laurel leaf, layered pink petals smashed onto the canvas, the passion of the thin and the thick, the trowel-icing slashes.

Then he told me his story- how he experimented with the trowel and opened a door to a career as an innovative contemporary painter. His journey reminded me of the point when, after four years of not writing any fiction, I discovered my own particular experimental fiction style. But he is a professional making a living from it, while I  struggle to pay the bills, with most pay from “my other skills.”

Perhaps one day, this kindred spirit and I shall both look back and see where each discovery took us. For now, I will enjoy his paintings, and pray someday my own experimental works will see publication and an audience will be touched by the passion of that word imagery.

I am blessed to have been in the presence of greatness, and to remember that the spark within my own works of poetic fiction may touch the heart of someone someday. For as the faithful, we are all called. What gift we are given comes from God. I cannot, I will not, withhold the words or images of that gift any more.

Go to for more information, including some photos of the paintings at Cooper Gallery.

One response to “Meeting my favorite artist”

  1. I am in awe of your experience! That was so extraordinary, a gift from God. To meet your “hero” to meet the artist you have admired, to meet anyone who inspired you, all would be
    such lovely gifts.

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