the lost years…or, “give me one more hour of sleep!”

So…I was reading through the news when I saw an article about sleeping. The article claimed that a ninety year old will have slept thirty years of his or her life. So, that would mean that he or she was up for sixteen hours every day.


This, of course, does not include that time period when you pretended to be awake for your school teacher/headmaster- we might add at least a year there.

And, what about those times when your wife was nagging you about fixing the plumbing and you took a little mental vacation to the Bahamas while you pretended to be awake? How much does that add up to your actual time sleeping?

And there are countless additional “sleeping moments” we could add, extending sleeping time another four or five years…especially if we count watching reruns on television when we were half asleep mentally. Well, some of us…or you. Not me. I gave up the Seinfeld Marathon Lifestyle a long time ago.

Now, I sleep and have trouble remembering my dreams. It is odd, but I simply cannot remember any dreams in the past few months…which may explain why I am feeling quite grumpy…


...and which is why I will likely slip into sleep as soon I finish this sente…


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1 Response to the lost years…or, “give me one more hour of sleep!”

  1. gimpet says:

    Not remembering dreams and sleepiness during the day can be signs of sleep apnea. Frequent arousals will massively decrease the REM stage of sleep. You may really not be dreaming if your sleep is getting interrupted. Take it from one who knows! I don’t dream either.

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