Peace in our time

As I walked along the trail today, vicious dogs threatened, ignorant rednecks stared, and a host of people invaded my search for peace…on a trail supposedly maintained by the state government. 

Which brings me to my premise: Do we, as human beings, not have a right to privacy in a place to relax in peace?



As peaceful as a picture may seem, it does not tell the whole story…for, not far from this scene, a yapping creature came bounding across the divide and onto the trail to challenge me…



…not far from this spot actually. Perhaps the owners of the dog failed to understand the rights of the trail user. Or, perhaps, it is because so many of these “rail trails” do not have good containment areas in suburban or built up areas…

In those places, it is much better to see this…


…a fence erected by the adjacent landowners…



Nevertheless, this is a problem in particular areas where residents do not have the respect necessary to ensure a safe, pleasant trail environment. It is unfortunate that hikers like me have to drive miles to other sections in order to have a wee bit of peace and quiet…



but…I am really thinking more of others- families with children, boy or girl scouts and clubs, cyclists out for a pleasant ride, and even those on horseback…all threatened by an ignorant anti-trail climate perpetuated by ignorant people. Like Jesse DuPlantis says, I believe I have met some people with “the spirit of stupid.”

Along about ten miles of the start of this trail, in one of the safest places in the USA, it is not safe to travel alone- by bike, hike, or horseback- a trail over 70 miles long. It is time to take back the trail, to ensure peace in our time. If you live near one of these recreation greenways, do your part- gather in groups when you go, and press forward, re-enforcing your rights to travel on public property….




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4 Responses to Peace in our time

  1. gimpet says:

    How dare they not be threatening their fellowmen at Walmart on Black Friday instead of a single man intent on enjoying creation and a little nature? You need a shirt that says “I don’t do stupid, now stop talking and walk away.” 🙂

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