when the guns fell silent

the older i get, the more precious peace becomes. it is not just simply a need for uncluttered living, or less materialism, it is a deep desire to live with inner peace, the strength of the very spirit of God.

it is not simply something arrived at, it comes more like the fog as it settles in- suddenly it is there, suddenly it surrounds the heart and envelopes the body. it is mystical in that sense, not a mystery of eastern or new age reckoning, but a mystery as ancient as the stones beneath the surface of the sphere. the peace of God calls, and no weapon can withstand it.

i was reminded of this, standing among the remnants of an American Civil war site, pondering the cannon pointed westward, a glaring historical error. it is no different with the peace of God- so many have misunderstood the effects, the existence, and the very power of the Presence.

but as i lay my head to rest tonight, i know that Presence, that peace. i know that in that peace, no weapon- no distraction- can separate me from that peace, if i remain in that Presence.

Cannon at Ft Boreman

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2 Responses to when the guns fell silent

  1. reocochran says:

    There is a beautiful movie, called Joyeaux Noel which is about a short Christmas night when there were people on both sides of a war, when they agreed to not shoot at each other. It made me think of this, when you wrote about the civil war and Peace. This was either WWI or WWII and I am sorry that I don’t remember which one. I am sure it can be looked up. It was so sweet and silent between the Germans and British/Americans, I believe. And an opera singer singing “Silent Night.” (based on a true story.) Smiles, Robin

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