And now for something slightly different

It all happened as i was driving down the road this morning. I had an idea. A name. A title. And an adventure.

This evening, after enjoying a trip to the land of white chocolate waterfalls (No, I did not partake in the spiritual experience), I sped homeward to my hovel to produce a slice of adventure.

Ironically, this new product comes at the expense of the book I continue to write, the time I would have devoted to (1) eating chocolate (2) singing in the car AND (3) eating chocolate has been marginalized in favor of a side trip into the realm of fiction.

This new venture is called “The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring.”

I invite you to surf the waves of satire, visualize the views of the lives of a fictional couple as they enter the sagging years, and leave the trail of tedium for something new and exciting…well, maybe…

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