Ten Things to Pray For in The Year 2014: #1 The homeless

1. Pray for the homeless, the downtrodden, the ones struggling every day to live…those living under bridges, in the woods, and on the edge of large cities everywhere.

I recently read an article about a wealthy restaurant owner who treated forty or fifty homeless people to a four-course dinner in his restaurant in Akron, Ohio (USA). This pains me as much as the statistics about this town that estimate at least 800 homeless on the streets (keep in mind that the homeless, like the real unemployed, are grossly under-estimated)…it pains me because if I was homeless, I’d probably feel ashamed and even angry if someone did this for me, then left me to fend for myself in the streets again following that diarreah-inducing meal. Obviously, the man could not comprehend the severity of their situation…much better to get them a place to stay, a job or some way of making money legally, and a path in the right direction.

Part of that path includes being open to those around you…open to compassion, something so lacking in the world I see today.

As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility in love to love the unloved, and that includes those who are homeless. God’s love, His compassion that cannot be described completely in words, should lead you in that direction. If your heart isn’t warm toward this, examine yourself- are you living the life Jesus said to live?


3 responses to “Ten Things to Pray For in The Year 2014: #1 The homeless”

  1. A friend of mine visits homeless camps every other Saturday and gives out packets of items for them. Food, clothes, personal care items, he has done this for years now. But he once was one of them, and his compassion and dedication to their plight is now going before the courts. He is getting regulated, believe it or not, and the food and items are now under scrutiny by the government. Passion for the poor is difficult to do without a credential it seems nowadays.

    • Just another sign that government- in many places of the world- are becoming more controlling and oppressive. I do believe the Bible has a plan for this giving- don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing…ie, don’t tell anybody, or at least don’t give details to the wrong people.

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