Ten Things To Pray For In The Year 2014: # 9 Godly Wisdom

“he who gets wisdom loves his own soul” Proverbs 19:8

The last thing God had me read before the beginning of the new year was about godly wisdom. The last sermon I heard was about godly wisdom. And one of the first blog posts I read this year was about godly wisdom. Sound familiar? Think God is trying to say something here?

Pray for godly wisdom for yourself in 2014. You will live a better life for it.

In the Devotion Cafe, Minister Desiray Lewis states that God showed her a word about the year 2014. Essentially, having godly wisdom is at the core of the teaching-


Three gentlemen, all in different fields of work and study, hundreds of miles apart, within the last seven days, have spoke about the need to have wisdom in this world because…

-there are more people out there who are intent on deceiving people

-identity theft is soaring, along with the legal expenses that follow it

-there are more deviant theologies coming out of “the church” from a famine of spiritual leaders lacking an intimate and humble relationship with God.

– there are more crooks coming out of the woodwork…on the internet…promising paying jobs, then never paying their clients

-there are more and more people 18 and younger who have never been taught right from wrong.

-there is an increasing fascination with escapism, living life foolishly.

I could go on and on…the point is, God has spoken. You and I need godly wisdom more now than ever before.

In Proverbs, the Word states that “the beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord.”

-We should first recognize reality- God is God, we are His creation, not          the other way around.

-We need to repent as often as necessary.

-We need to remain right with God, staying close to His Word.

Are you ready to take steps to ensure that you live an abundant life in 2014? If so, seek godly wisdom.

One response to “Ten Things To Pray For In The Year 2014: # 9 Godly Wisdom”

  1. I was blessed by what you wrote. It is si vital that we seek wisdom. Every area of peoples lives are affected they have to have wisdom in order to make Godly choices. Can you Imagine if Every businessman and women had Wisdom how much daily Li ing would be? I have to ask myself this what can I do as a Christian to get the message out? I wish I had some type of platform other then what I have were I can gather hundreds of people together and let them hear what is written In Proverbs. I can see in the spirit realm how ma y would be thirsty for truth. I gotta pray on this that the Lord will open this door. Amen

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