Ten Things To Pray For In The New year 2014: # 10 The Presence of God

Nothing is like the presence of God, nothing at all. When all hell breaks lose in your life, and you pray and seek God, it is good to know that you can rely on Him being there. But that only happens when we are fully obedient, fully loving our Maker.

There is no mistaking the presence of God if you have once been in that presence….

In the early Middle Ages, monks in remote places on the far edge of Europe sought to pass on the words of the Bible through painstakingly detailed manual copies. Their work is a testimony that they sacrificed many hours for that purpose in love for their own creator. There in those settlements, the word of the Lord and His presence thrived, and from those places many went out to evangelize the known world…in a time of great danger and ignorance.

History records many who gave their all for their Lord, knowing that God and His presence was precious beyond any threats of torture or death. There were those who chose a life of poverty that others might be blessed, because they knew the presence of God was beyond cost.

We could search through history for so many men and women, boys and girls who chose to be in God’s presence instead of riches, power, fame, or any other temptation. But this is not a post just about history. It is a reminder that we, like so many witnesses before us, can live in God’s presence, and even have a relationship with God, our Father and Maker.

But there is nothing like being in God’s presence when we come up against any enemy or evil, or anything that can harm us. In His presence is victory. In His presence is healing. In His presence is that divine love that is so beyond any words of understanding. People throughout time have tried  to put into understandable words a small measure of the depths of His presence. But no one can describe His presence in words adequately.

So, in the Year 2014, seek God and His presence. Pray to be in His presence. You will never be the same again.

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