Water Softener Pellets Replace Salt

It is about -20 Celsius right now outside (-7 farenheight) …the kind of weather no one should be walking around in…unless you’re wearing enough padding that you resemble a Panda bear. but it wasn’t like that about six hours ago, when the temperature got all the way up to about -12 Celsius- a heat wave.

I took advantage of the situation to go out and join the husky dogs…I mean, the other people dressed like walking Zambonis…and gather some “necessities” out there in RetailLand.

One store sold little plastic jugs of salt children might play with…other than that, everybody seemed to be out of salt, ice-melt, or any of those other categories associated with melting ice and snow from your driveway, parking lot, road, or pathway. So, I drove to the ever-ubiquitous WalMart and asked if they had any salt…and they pointed me to their “water softener pellets.”

It rode in the back seat all the way home…followed me as I strained, dragging it into the house.

It is useless right now, but may prove useful in the event of a snow or ice storm where the weather is warm enough to use it. In a Polar Vortex, ice melt or snow melt is as useless as a coon dog in the Kalahari Desert.

It is not February yet, but everyone seems to be sick of the cold. It is the kind of cold that saps the energy right from you. I know; I came back from the store and fell asleep for two hours. This winter has been the coldest in 30 years…spring is starting to sound really good to me.

4 responses to “Water Softener Pellets Replace Salt”

  1. This weather is why I’ll NEVER complain about the heat in summer!

    By the way, people might tell you that kitty litter works on ice. It doesn’t , and it’ll leave a ‘cat-worthy’ mess of your driveway and sidewalk.

    Stay warm.

  2. Wimp….just kidding. I have Raynauds, a condition where I lose blood flow to my fingers. I live with cold white numb fingers. But trials will make you tougher, just remember the Russian way….jump naked into the snow!

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