what’s in the pot: chicken soup

every time i go to Ohio, i look for “German” egg noodles. this time i found them at a small local grocery, sitting in stacks of noodle heaven. here, end to end, i found Mrs. Miller’s Amish noodles, Inn Maid Noodles, and the ever-banal No Yolks Noodles (certainly not funny as they have no taste). these are not ramen or yakisoba, these are central-eastern european noodles, the kind that thicken a stroganoff, goulash, or fine chicken soup. it was the latter recipe that drove me to gather up the shavings of gold from the shelves of a store so local that a tall teenage beauty ran over to the cash register to check me out….i mean, check out my items.

and when i got home, i placed the packet of noodles deep within a container for future use…only to pull them out to make a lovely warming chicken soup for lunch….


...on a cold wintry snow and ice filled day…

i am sharing this recipe, in hopes you will find it a comforting meal…as comforting as looking in your bowl at the lovely soup and…


finding your sinuses unclogging like a suddenly free toilet jam…uh, i mean, like a suddenly clearing sky…

but i am sure, you must understand…and so i give you, the recipe  to end all recipes. no, i give you, Sinus Drainage Clearing Soup:

You will need:

1. One decent package of German or kluski style egg noodles (medium sized noodles)

2. One container free-range chicken broth, 32 oz/900 grams (just get a big container or at least three cans) 

3. Two cooked chicken thighs or one cooked chicken breast (could be yesterday’s dinner “leftovers”)

4. Two stalks of organic celery, chopped/diced

5. One large organic carrot

6. One complete garlic bulb

7. One handful of curled parsley

8. Fresh thyme, sage, rosemary (to taste)

9. Pepper (ground from peppercorns)

10. Butter (of course)

Pour the contexts of the free range chicken broth into a nice, clean pot. Bring to a boil. Add a handful of noodles per person to the boiling broth. If you have several to feed, just add more broth from another container (this recipe is for two people, or one in my case…since I was mighty hungry!)

Next, cook your noodles for about 10 minutes- with a lid on the pot. After ten minutes, add butter, the chicken meat, celery, and carrot. Peel all of the garlic cloves and add them all (no, this soup is not for eaters of bland food), making sure to cut each in half. Then add your parsley, herbs, and pepper (to taste). Cook on low to medium until the smell drives you to check the pot…that’s when you will know something is done…or, if it feels like your sinuses are doing summersaults inside your head, then you are certainly done.

By the way…this is where I was before I found my noodles…at a scenic spot along the Ohio River. Does it look cold or is it just my sinuses speaking to me again?


slan go foill…

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2 Responses to what’s in the pot: chicken soup

  1. gimpet says:

    Pour into a ‘nice clean pot’…hahahaha. This sounds really good….sans celery. Blech. Otherwise I was slavering. I love homemake chicken soup! Got anything to STOP a drippy nose?

  2. UnPoet says:

    This recipe sounds wonderful! Loved the pics, although they made me hungry. The view was wonderful too.

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