where beige meets gray and earth meets blue


we travel light this tainted trail

witnessed by the stunted pines.

the gravel gold field under mined

where tracks disappear at crossroads.

you dig your wheels in at this point

and although i have no stomach for it

the farther reaches are calling- calling

the farther reaches are calling

where beige meets gray and earth meets blue.



you may spin your wildest yarn, you skies

but i will not venture far from this ten-feet-wide,

though wind and sun dare bake the ground

and merciless clouds carry threat of rain.

still, muddy earth beneath yields to tread

as the farthest limb-spikes come in view

and i am searching the horizons ahead

where beige meets gray and earth meets blue.


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3 responses to “where beige meets gray and earth meets blue”

  1. Hey there, what’s up? I decided to click through the commenters on a post on someone’s blog that I just commented on. I’m taking an Irish drama class this semester and we’ve encountered Tir-nan-Og a lot, so there’s that. Have a great day and don’t forget to visit another magical place: http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com. Hope you enjoy and maybe leave a comment…thanks!

  2. I enjoyed this poem very much! I feel the yearning or calling, as you put it, for travel along the back roads of life. It would be nice to retire and be able to do so. Thanks for this great creative piece! Smiles, Robin

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