it’s nearly spring, and those mountain roads are calling

it is not for the faint of heart to travel some of the more rugged and remote roads of West Virginia…but so many are waiting for you and I…to travel down that corridor…into wild and wonderful mountain landscapes, with surprises and photo-op views around nearly every bend…


and the journey becomes as adventurous as where you plan to go for the night….or day…


like Helvetia, this wonderful Swiss-American settlement deep in the high mountains…or this rugged rural road that travels through high mountain forests, passing historic sites, and giving such wonderful scenic views...


…and this…at Bear Rocks in Dolly Sods...


where you can climb up to what seems like the top and see this from your car window…or go explore the wilderness…


…dreaming of spring…slan go foill…

2 responses to “it’s nearly spring, and those mountain roads are calling”

  1. What beautiful photos. When I see that kind of beauty, I’m always awed that Gods words created everything we see!

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