new post alert…new post alert…

i just wrote another piece on my other blog. Look for “Mr and Mrs Boring,” or “The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring.” The new post is entitled “Mr and Mrs Boring and the Bird Man” and is the first time i am featuring the eccentric Fisher Jones.

By the way, the blog is strictly humor, not boring.

It should be here:

Unfortunately, wordpress lost my post in nowhere land. I cannot find it under any category.


3 responses to “new post alert…new post alert…”

  1. I’m on my phone and there doesn’t seem to be a link to your other blog 😦 how do I get to your humor blog?’v

    • the link doesn’t seem to work right, not sure why. Type in “humor,” “Boring,” “birds,” or “The Bird Man” and surely it will come up. I’ll try it after i finish with the poem i’m writing.

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