where do i go from here?

there’s nothing like an overwhelming humbling moment to put life into proper perspective. it can happen to any of us, and it can happen more than once, more than twice…more than you can imagine. 

stopping at an access point, i walked down this boat ramp, framed with random garbage, to get a better view of the inlet. behind me, traffic honked, zooming by in a rush. but beyond me, the grey-blue waters existed, and moved little. 

like bad poetry, i recognized the lack of the boat ramp’s personality, decorated by a lone tire on worm pavement. it was a stark reminder that the mighty Ohio River, less than a mile away, could change the entire basin depending on the river’s current and unpredictable weather.

and so it is with life and those humiliating moments. those moments that abruptly close one door and force one in another direction- without reasonable choice.



and now, like so many others, i must ask…where do i go from here?



9 responses to “where do i go from here?”

  1. I vote that we go where The Lord takes us!! I’ve tried going where my feet lead and that didn’t work out so well!!

  2. Kirsten, I agree with you. I found myself at this lagoon near the Ohio River thinking about the future. recently, i have had to make more and more trips to Ohio. My father and mother are not in good health…so, i am trying to listen more succinctly to the still small voice…and be ready to move quickly if necessary.

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