what i lost today

the lost kerryman left the house and headed east with a garbage bag in his back seat. ten miles down the road he found the nearest exit and headed back for the garbage dumpster. and this is how it went today…

if today was a baseball game, it would have been lopsided, catastrophic, and overhwelming. i felt like Paul most of the day- doing things i didn’t want to do. where did i put my brain this morning? it felt like something was lost in translation…

and i believe it was.

the day is too important to rush into an activity without thorough enough prayer. but today i acted like someone wrung my neck and i was off chasing the rest of my body. what i lost was my sense of accomplishment, sense of direction, and finally- my plans. when i returned home, i took a shower, came downstairs, and felt like collapsing on my bed…

but i lost something else…i lost self. that is where i should have started this morning- waiting for an answer instead of running to the car and second guessing. the latter is not part of God’s plans. without a proper start to the day, we run into problems- spiritually and physically…

so, it might have been a rare day, but it was a warning. and now it is a lesson to you as well- never go out your door without knowing exactly what God wants you to day that day…with absolute certainty.




One response to “what i lost today”

  1. Ugh…sorry you had such a bad day. But thankful that it helped you post this reminder to seek God first in the morning and to take time to listen for Him. Some days I do better than others on this one!

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