i’d rather be alone with God than in love with Ugliness


a heron flew off. and a red-wing black bird. and even two baby foxes slipped into thick brush to hide from my camera.

….after several attempts, this picture of purple columbines was the only one in focus. and that was the kind of day it was.

                                                  the kind that try men’s hearts

and thank God for spring beauty- some kind of beauty. i am tired of ugliness. multiplying like ivy. poison ivy.

….sure i know my own shortcomings. but they are not signs of unfaithfulness. they are usually signs of too much excitement. when i talk too much. i write much better.

meanwhile, i see and read reflections of self-proclaiming tender hearts, all to a one beautiful looking to men, hanging their allegiance to sins so contrary to God, like clothes on a laundry line…

                    the kind that rarely come clean in the warming sun because they are too stained to be pure again

it is obvious to me. but not to them. 

some clothes that will never come clean are stained with…divination (horoscopes, ouija boards)…Yoga (in deeper teaching it is mind control – not controlled by God’s spirit, but controlled by a demonic spirit)…satanic religious influence- the force, “natural balance,” neoPaganism, relic-centered idolatry, narcissism (selfie queen), indulgence in stimulants or depressants…and on and on until i feel nauseus.

i fail. i fall. i repent.

they fail, they cling to evil instead of good. they do not repent, they are too arrogant…lovers of self, lovers of pleasure rather than God.

that is the difference. and that is why i am so disappointed. because the ones i am speaking of are stubborn.


i am still waiting for the one who knows love….but the only one who can know love must know the creator of love in a relationship that is pure with Him. if she is flirting with spiritual unfaithfulness, she can talk all she wants…but she will get

                                                        Talk To The Hand

until she changes.


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