My Epic…not Myopic…Updated…Bucket List

i confess…i find inspiration from some of you on wordpress…some of you i have never met.

some time ago i stumbled across another fine-looking lass blogging about her never-ending bucket list. As a former student of the pail, i do believe it beneficial to ponder life and create a bucket list…

so…without further ado…

my bucket list, with or without pail accompaniments:

1. Find Chiana from Farscape. Take her home to Da and announce our marriage immediately.


2. Spend Christmas with a family of Mongolian Yak Herders. Engage in yackety-yak, while eating yak yogurt, roasted yak…and saute of yak, onions, and peppers in Mongolian fire sauce.


3. Write an investigative best seller about the life of mail order brides from Khyrgyzstan… 


4. Build a giant igloo made of frozen Kerrygold butter.


5. Visit Craggy Island. Have tea at the parochial house. I have heard you can actually…



6.  Spend a week in the Amazon jungle eating only Brazilian fruit…with a backpack full of immodium, just in case

7. Dance around the shoreline of the entire island of….Blasket Island…in less than 24 hours, breaking the previous world record.

8.  Cross “The Lake of Learning” in a Bathtub reading the complete works of Yeats. 

9. Do a BBC special about the private lives of a family of Peanut Butter and Jelly addicts.

10. Build a Curragh and put it in the driveway. 


11. Find the woman of my dreams…with my eyes open.



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