pictures from a hidden garden



this is a very wide plant, so the flower was huge…



a treasure…on a side trail…in an urban garden…


4 responses to “pictures from a hidden garden”

  1. Someone is doing well in growing this in their city garden. Is it a suburban plant or an urban one? Don’t worry, I am not needing the answer… Smiles, Robin

    • it is an urban garden and it is about an hour and a half drive from you, mostly east and a little south…and it is not Dawes Arborteum…farther east. It is a county park and is free to the public. It is watched over by a ferocious beast, security cameras, man-eating plants (women are safe), and about 30 volunteer master gardeners.

    • she…as in a girlfriend or wife…and yes, the interview would include questions like “Where would you go to get a pet fish license for your pet fish Eric?” and “What are the spiritual applications of hiking up the side of a mountain naked in bear country?”

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