Mister Scottie and the Forest of Flowers

He’s not as ferocious as he looks…


…but this wise warden looks after the forest of flowers…


of pink delights…





southern beauty…




and this bright green leafy flowered plant.

Mister Scottie has many trails to walk through this forest of flowers, and sometimes he is accompanied by guests coming to view the forest and the flowers…guests he carefully watches and sniffs. 

He is a classic, just as this flowering forest is…

…they serve as a reminder to all to enjoy the beauty that God has brought us…both in flowering plants and trees and in other living, breathing witnesses to his creation.

3 responses to “Mister Scottie and the Forest of Flowers”

  1. So sweet! I love Mister Scottie and his taking charge and care of the garden. He looks fierce like a warden, but I believe you, when you say he is gentle and kind. (“Not as ferocious as he looks!”) This was a nice and pleasant scene plus a special message, too. Thanks!


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