precious water


People are fighting over it in California.

A half million people in Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas are without it because their supply reportedly contains a toxin. bottled water, water jugs, and donated water…disappears quickly there…

A bright turquoise- now green- lake in Tunisia is the subject of a government warning while hundreds of sweltering citizens plunge in to cool off, ignoring the warnings.

And a mine basin, once filled with water, stands aloof from the thousands of would-be fishermen in the Outback of Ohio…just another sign that people often have little or no control over what happens to “our” water.

The latter is not the only basin, or pond, disappearing. Others have been drained over the past ten years because of algae, toxins, and more. Others have been drained with no explanation. For those fishermen who once fished in those ponds, it is a significant loss.

It is another sign that we need to encourage “authority” to manage water resources wisely. Too often in the past, in countries where water was more plentiful in the past, water has not been treated as seriously…not a very intelligent view of life on earth. 


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3 Responses to precious water

  1. Tim Shey says:

    I came across this blog today. They are from County Kildare in Ireland. Just thought you would like to read it.

    “The Irish fields are ripe for harvest”

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