the long road ahead



no one said it would be easy. no one was there to give a “now you’re going to set the world on fire.” and no one mentioned the faith needed to persevere and age like fine wine.

that was many years ago…but as i watch a dear young woman cross over that imaginary line, i am reminded of how dim-minded my self-appointed mentors would prove so many years later.

that was because i had very few aged witnesses who would pour out the truth to me. and in that, when the truth did come from them, the moments came like shots of stiff whiskey- given and taken short and quick…not settling in till much later. i rushed here, rushed there, but finding so often life required me waiting on the decisions of others.

and that was something all my educated adults failed to explain to me, as i watched my new diploma sink farther into the storage box as weeks passed to months, and days and nights became years.

so…you’re young and vibrant, ready to take on the world, but have to wait for this person to do this and for that person to make decisions effecting your future. i learned to break the box of rules that the older generation said worked, the laws of economics and the meaning of life. i found the truth inside the words of Jesus more than the dozens of interviewers who thought they  were making decisions for me. contrary to what these gifted adults taught, i discovered that God did make me for unique purposes and it did not mean keeping a job from 8am to 4pm and retiring with a pension after thirty years. that world they told me about had existed in someone’s past fantasyland, and maybe it came true for them, but why would i want to settle for such a mediocre life?

Jesus came to give an abundant life, living life to  the fullest every day. you cannot get that sitting around watching television, going to the races, or spending hours being entertained. it comes from living actively. and maybe there will be regrets, but there is a God who forgives us, if we get back in His will, which is a freeing will, freeing us to be who we can be.

so as you pass the line into that place they call “being an adult,” or “moving to the next level,” if you have questions about this life, turn to God first, turn to the Bible second, and find out just what God has planted within you. And do not be afraid to get away and get somewhere where you can talk to God and listen- truly listen. You may be surprised. I still am, and grateful for what He has brought me through to this point today.



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