you are tempting, tasty, and true

you are tempting, tasty, and true

on a lightly



or another kind of one

flat or crispy…

you…you tickle my tongue licking my lips

you are better than pastry

better than bread


in a stick or in a spread…

nothing like you

in this world of the living

not dead.


o lovely butter

you have my heart.

it is that time of year again when poets around the globe begin polishing their poetry for the Bad Poetry of 2014 Poetry Awards. Are you ready? Do you have an offering for the white porceline throne?

or, are you engaged in serious poetry?

i am not yet engaged, nor single minded…but eagerly awaiting the final four…

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One response to “you are tempting, tasty, and true”

  1. I used to remember more than 10 yrs ago, I love poetry so much. That I even wrote love poems for my fiancee. She just don’t love it. She kept all my writings and posted in her blogs. This is simple but tingling!

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