you capture my mood


you capture my mood

you capture my sun

so sorrow surrenders another day

dissipating droplets from finger-limbs


the rails will rust through another rain

and tears will wash away in the torrent

as you capture my breath

as you capture my wish

and I like these seasons

am renewed once again.








2 responses to “you capture my mood”

    • I tried to write something in a way that looked at an issue in a different way. Apparently, it appears that more than a few people did not understand this poem. The “you” in the poem is “God.” God “captures”- my mood whenever I look at things and see sadness, or when it seems everything appears to be “wintry” in life. God captures it and replaces it with “my sun” so that I see “sunniness” rather than “wintriness.” It is a matter of looking at it through God’s perspective, rather than mine. “I like the seasons am renewed once again” is the concept of repentence, forgiveness, and restoration.

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