after a day out under ever-changing skies, watching leaves blowing, and gathering…instead of immersing myself in the pleasure of it, instead of embracing the kisses of warm wind, i sit distraught, pained. you would think by now, at my age, that i am roughened and weathered enough not to be so affected. but i am.

while i was reviewing my day, wondering where it went, and how much i had to do tomorrow, i stopped by my favorite you tube channels to find some relaxing music to play in the background while reading my mail. but instead of reading mail, i found a live broadcast from a North Korean living in America.

she calls herself the Voice of North Korea. Listening/watching her break down crying, trying to explain to an audience of people like me… with a warm bed, a roof overhead, and a place to call my own… that North Korean women right now are being sold into slavery in China…has left me stirred yet again.

as people who call ourselves Christians, are we truly aware that we can make a difference in a life like hers? a life that can be rescued? a life that is worth more than all we could give…a life that is as precious to God as the one we are living?

sure, we can pray…but what do we pray? how do we pray? do we pray for wisdom? do we pray for knowledge? sure…but do we pray for a way we can personally make a difference? i hope so.

i don’t know how God will use you to touch the people trapped in slavery. but humbling yourself and asking God what you can do, is a good start. and one i too am making tonight.

while the leaves are changing….outside my window, lives are changing on the other side of the world. join me in praying, not just for Yeonmi Park, but for those North Korean women, particularly in China, being sold into slavery…and speak out against the Communist Chinese regime enabling this.

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