choose this day

the past two years have been needlessly negative. if you choose to write, read, or listen to material that leads you to a state of obsessive reclusiveness, as a covidian, you should probably read someone else’s blog, because i will not share in your desire to spread fear.

The One I follow spread unselfish love, not fear. He dealt in reality, not in a fantasy world where facts are meaningless and feelings are equal with “your own little reality world.” Life is so much more tiring having to listen to windbags whine about Doomsday over a plague with a 99% survival rate….you’d think we were living in the 13th century dealing with the Bubonic Plague.

i am done with the control freaks who cover their faces like repressed slaves

i am done with the losers who bow down to the godless medi-elite and hang on every word they say as they constantly change their minds every week

i am done with the soviet-era propaganda visible everywhere

no more negative. no more fear. no more lies.

i choose love, which has no room for fear. i choose life, which has no room for destruction. i choose freedom, which has no room for slavery.

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