the word that sums up the essence of what has spread across the globe- the opposite of faith, love, and hope. The one who speaks fear over the airwaves, over people, over nations, does not love, does not care, does not have your best interests. they cannot be trusted. they will not speak truth. they will not speak life. they will speak lies to perpetuate fear.

fear, despair, and hate hang like spiritual walls around those who isolate themselves because they have bought the lies of fear. there is no room for unselfish, untainted love. there is no room for hope because fear has erased all certainty. there is no room for faith because they have bought into the material while being blinded by the dark spiritual.

Perfect love casts out all fear.

In an imperfect world, there is only one source for perfect love. It is a spiritual love, a force that cannot be contained by the walls of fear.

and those who have dismissed fear, who have chosen to trust in that perfect Love, have God’s worldview. they have chosen, they have pledged allegiance, to a Kingdom that overcomes fear, just as the light overcomes darkness in any room. while the fearful spend their days resigned to a future that progressively deteriorates, those who have God’s worldview are at peace. no matter what dark forces wreak havoc, fear has a short lifespan in light of eternity.

Because if we are in Christ…

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.


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