no more time to waste

Evil has a long leash, and he is running about like a dog with rabies, threatening to pull the stake out of the yard…longing to tear into something, anything…to gnash his teeth, to taste the frenzy…heart and mouth full of impatience…he senses a time to fulfill, to satisfy.

he is easily discernable to the naked eye, yet so many stumble in the darkness that Evil nips at the heels of passersby. they forget the sounds of deception, these naked men and women…naked in thought and deed…so they are easily bruised at the back.

how long will you sleep, oh sluggard?

how long will you whittle away the day?

how long until you open your eyes?

the days are here, there is no sign that they are not. it is a useless question, to question the times and seasons when the season is obvious. when the sun sets, you call it night, when the sun rises you call it day. how then can you not see the sun going down when it is fading in the west?

there are more than wars and rumors of wars. more than plagues, fires, and pestilence. more than lawlessness about every turn of the corner.

this is our time- we are born for these last days. the time to wait is over. the time to waste is past. the time for being deliberate is now.

deliberate in selfless love

deliberate in boundless hope

deliberate in fear-shattering faith

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