Ten Things 1/7/22

One of the blog-world’s more interesting bloggers here on WordPress.com is L.A. from “Waking Up On The Wrong Side of 50.” She is today engaging in a reflective blogging style that requires one to post Ten things about “my day,” both good and bad. This simple habit must surely be one way to catalogue our life stories in a way that does not necessarily require us to tell our life in daily stories (which is probably what my tendency would be, actually). Call it cathartic, call it anecdotal, but…without further ado, I shall attempt to explore the ten most interesting and nauseating things that happened today, January 7th, 2023…

  1. I got out of bed. Accomplishment # 1.
  2. I brushed my teeth. All of them. I left the toothbrush in the bathroom so that I did not venture forth brushing other people’s teeth today.
  3. After eating an expansive sausage-egg-bacon-cheese “mess” for breakfast, I drove around a town square looking at Christmas decorations in the town whereChristmas lives yet another day…
  4. A local Save-A-Lot was having a two day sale. The sign said “Friday and Saturday.” I thought it might be important to go inside and see if they could sell Sunday and Monday instead. They couldn’t. Strangely enough, all items for sale were identified with giant black and yellow signs hanging from the ceiling…and, that seemed alarming like…
  5. …the DG sign beckoned, with it’s beautiful black and yellow sign, but I drove past it, reminding myself that life was about more than filling my face …and your face…with little swiss chocolates.
  6. I bought a furnace filter at the hardware store. I saw a peanut butter chocolate pie behind the counter. No one was eating it. Two teenagers with acne stood watch over it. That pie would not have survived in my teenage years….
  7. I did laundry, then forgot to wash dishes…then ate a prepackaged dinner. Excitement.
  8. I watched two…or three…episodes of Doc Martin alone. Pathetic.
  9. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with my sister. See called me just before I called her.
  10. I brushed my teeth again.

Well, I did it. Not a very exciting day, but you’ll have that. Mama never told me there would be multiple days like this in winter. Saturdays are just not too exciting.


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