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I am Five Years Old!

My Blog Speaks, on His 5th Birthday… “Momma says I am a Big Boy now and I should go clean my room. It is my birthday. I am five years old.  I don’t want to clean my room. If I clean … Continue reading

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Pardon my astonishment

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.                 Proverbs 26:11 pardon my astonishment, but it never ceases to amaze me…when a woman I have known well…who, in her flowering youth, speaks boldly about what she … Continue reading

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My Epic…not Myopic…Updated…Bucket List

i confess…i find inspiration from some of you on wordpress…some of you i have never met. some time ago i stumbled across another fine-looking lass blogging about her never-ending bucket list. As a former student of the pail, i do … Continue reading

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Thank God for wordpress

If you live in America, you know that the basic freedoms we had thirty years ago have so eroded that we now live in a land where…many street corners have surveillance cameras, people are paid to spy on you, your … Continue reading

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101 New Blogging Challenges

As you may know, the blog life here at wordpress has produced many serial postings. These include a 30 day poetry challenge, 100 Happy Days challenge, thankful day challenge, as well as “bucket lists” and “top ten lists.” In recognition … Continue reading

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new post alert…new post alert…

i just wrote another piece on my other blog. Look for “Mr and Mrs Boring,” or “The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring.” The new post is entitled “Mr and Mrs Boring and the Bird Man” and is the first … Continue reading

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a thank you to all my readers

it was nice to see recent visits to thelostkerryman from a wide variety of places…like Oman, Sweden, Ukraine, Mongolia, Belarus, Finland, and Norway. it is amazing that in some way, my writing can touch someone so far away… but i … Continue reading

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it’s a mad world after all

if i had three personalities, i might resemble Blogland. Tantrums from hell, mega-selfie posts, mentally and emotionally compromised confessions, and even goats on parade…they are all here.  i took a turn, took a spin, found myself driving…oh so carefully…through fields … Continue reading

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About The Lostkerryman

sure now, you know I am into writing a new series. but the question some of you are still asking is “who is this guy, and why is he lost?” to answer that, i must tell you about a walk … Continue reading

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“The 200,” or “Your favorite posts from thelostkerryman”

This is my 200th blog post on the lostkerryman. It is certainly not my last, and I suspect that you and I will have much to say to each other over the course of the next few years. Without you, … Continue reading

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