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In the e-space where laundry never dries

can’t sleep…must be two in the morning…the air kicked off too early…not that it’s hot in here, but my mind feels so much like a gerbil in a wheel, I need wind-down time. The wheel keeps turning with possibilities. It … Continue reading

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I am being restored

The fog was so thick, I couldn’t see the white line. But that line meant the difference between the road and a rock-spiked mountain side. So, I strained. I lurched forward. All in an effort to see. And when the … Continue reading

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Ramp Dinners and Festivals

The breezy winds of springtime bring scents of blossoms and flowering things…while young and old males, from wee pups to old gassers, spend odd afternoons and evenings passing the time at Ramp Festivals, high up in the Appalachian Mountains. These … Continue reading

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An epidemic of maladjustment

The news makes me tired. Really. I read from line to line, looking for something positive, but no, it’s like a whirlwind of despair has struck the heart of America, and Europe, for that matter. Maybe it is different in … Continue reading

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burning eyes in the alleyway of pain can almost feel the sorrow of pelting rain plastic bags washed up against the broken brick gnarled hand and coat and walking stick grasping a rail to break free from crippleness fallen face … Continue reading

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Yawning in place

Snow- the ever-present, the all consuming, the wintry one- refuses to leave my doorstep. Here I labor another hour to keep awake, yawning in place, drugged by the power of dim lights and dark days. Sleep is a tenderhearted woman, … Continue reading

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southern hospitality is not dead

Buried deep among the two and three numbered highways of Virginia, in a town spread out along a highway, a box-like brick-sided building stands off the main with little fanfare. An old double-door metal ice chest, enough parking for a … Continue reading

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My dog can read…why can’t yours?

I love government, sometimes they show us just how intelligent our pets are. I was minding my own business one day, bound for one of the most challenging hiking experiences in northeastern West Virginia, when I came upon this sign … Continue reading

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Did you drink the kool-aid?

My favorite was green, and I swear…I could taste the “green.” But then again, Tang tasted “orange” when it was orange, and “super grape” when it was purple. I didn’t like red kool-aid, once equating it with a pre-adolescent bloodletting … Continue reading

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Cussing in Curry

The dryer whines, making a noise like a two year old trying to run away from the potty…chased by the boogie man. I’ve had days like this, but will someone please write me an excuse note for my forgetfulness…walking back … Continue reading

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