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signs of the times

when the world isn’t making much sense…does this help?

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i love my starches

OK, so I will admit, I don’t just like my potatoes. rice, potatoes, pasta- I love my starches… ….but hey, right now,  I am definitely down with noodles…  

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a stranger day at walmart

the crayon colored couple passed about a half dozen cops wandering around cashier central, while I tried…in vain….to concentrate on Miss Yapping Cashier’s rant. how do you tell a man with a giant butt-crack to turn around so you can … Continue reading

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The Face-To-Face Social Network

…after an unpleasant gaze at the fields of facebook, I have resolved to readjust my thinking as I go about my random social interaction daily. one can only take so much of fake this and fake that before becoming bummed … Continue reading

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dreams of love

she’s a bit stiff around the edges….a bit pale, pasty, and tender…but I love her. her aroma sets her apart from the others. when I walk by, I cannot but stop and stare. she’s a looker, that’s for sure. sure, she’s … Continue reading

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between a rock and a hard place

how does…a series…well, maybe it was three, no four…times of nightly trips to the cupboard to eat peanut butter….only by the spoonful…effect a wee walk on the wild side? throaty breathing and slight dizziness….have I walked too far for the state … Continue reading

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a bad day to be a fish

imagine…if you will…that you have the intelligence of a fish. why? because, my dear friend, that is your brain on public education. now, imagine, if you will, that you have spent a long futile day attempting to cross the lip … Continue reading

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it is 3 in the morning and i have lost my pants…

there are few things as refreshing as sitting down in the middle of the night and randomly adding thoughts to page, even after flipping like a fish inside the mattress-womb for what feels like eons. except…when you wake up to … Continue reading

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Casual Cardinal

it must be an incessant drain on your constitution to have a pointed beak. talk about lips- what lips? and no,  I cannot ever imagine having to tear to sheds every piece of meat and then swallow it whole. that is not what I … Continue reading

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sharpen your # 2 pencils…

somewhere in the depths of Hell, there must be an endless ballot counting process,  another windy debate with a stage full of flaming men and women running for President of Lower Hades, and endless pollsters calling you every two minutes on the telephone. the cruel months … Continue reading

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