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no more time to waste

Evil has a long leash, and he is running about like a dog with rabies, threatening to pull the stake out of the yard…longing to tear into something, anything…to gnash his teeth, to taste the frenzy…heart and mouth full of … Continue reading

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Stalking the not-so-wild turkey

a long, long time ago in a state of mind far, far away, things were different. people were different. even animals were different. and some of it was good. people knew to throw out expired food, smart people did not converse using … Continue reading

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Givers, Takers, and Giver-Fakers

years ago, while i was working in an area not too far from Cleveland,  I met a man who had lived and worked for several years among some of the great rock musicians and rock bands of his time- from … Continue reading

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the master of the mirror?

are you living a life to touch the hearts of others, to bring compassion to the downtrodden, or are you living like you are looking in the mirror, in love with the image? where has selfless love gone? where is … Continue reading

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the love inside

rusting metal windowpanes…brick-face dingy with black dust and decay…entry doors open to the rain…the roof sagging with the weight of fifty years…wishbone trees growing out of the second and third floor classrooms, like old children reaching now-tired arms toward the  threatening … Continue reading

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Three years and no banana

Today marks my three year anniversary. Three years writing on wordpress. Three years since my last date…and yes, I am, alas, terribly eligible. Three years since the day I ate my first organic banana. Three years since I last brushed my … Continue reading

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your white flowers wait for you

To my unknown love, wherever she is   your white flowers wait for you among common leaves.   did you know they would be there for you beneath the wild awakening trees?   my boots hurt my feet while walking … Continue reading

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flowers dying before their days are done

three people i knew died recently- two younger than me, one a year older. one woman i remember as a teenager, the thin little girl with coal black eyes, a few years behind me in school- vibrant, vivacious, the very picture … Continue reading

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