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forest flowers in the Hocking Hills

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Casual Cardinal

it must be an incessant drain on your constitution to have a pointed beak. talk about lips- what lips? and no,  I cannot ever imagine having to tear to sheds every piece of meat and then swallow it whole. that is not what I … Continue reading

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ponnd lyffe

have you ever met an individual capable of explaining the scientific processes which enable the whatever-system of a pond to not only exit, but to thrive, during the most breathtakingly dull phases of winter weather? it is as scintillating as a songbird … Continue reading

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A peace of tranquility

a tranquil slice of the natural…on a day hot enough to boil an egg on your automobile…

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precious water

People are fighting over it in California. A half million people in Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas are without it because their supply reportedly contains a toxin. bottled water, water jugs, and donated water…disappears quickly there… A bright turquoise- now … Continue reading

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midwestern dreams

open. sky, grassland, a pond, the dusty trail beneath your feet. nobody’s land; at least, it feels like nobody’s land. maybe the birds. they fly around, their flittering like visiting neighbors. but maybe not. all you see is opened before … Continue reading

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Mister Scottie and the Forest of Flowers

He’s not as ferocious as he looks… …but this wise warden looks after the forest of flowers… of pink delights… and…   southern beauty…     and this bright green leafy flowered plant. Mister Scottie has many trails to walk … Continue reading

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pictures from a hidden garden

  this is a very wide plant, so the flower was huge… a treasure…on a side trail…in an urban garden…  

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a night at the opera: incessant bird outside my window

a bird outside is yakking the night away again- just outside my window i have never heard such non-stop joyfulness in about six different songs from any feathered creature…that lasted this long. over an hour. ugh.   i just opened … Continue reading

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side-road symphony for one

you will find dirt like this on the moon. lovely gray stuff. but here- beside roads bleached by lime and sun. gray-white lanes snaking through countryside…abandoned to reversion…their tails gently disappearing over rises subtle and severe, waiting for the next … Continue reading

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