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still life

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forest flowers…firepinks

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a family of flowers near an empty house

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lunch time…. bamboo…for two…   unless you can carry it away with your teeth… and “hide” in the trees…. .

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Yer Random Stones

out in the forest…here in an out of the way part of America.. sure now there probably was a building here at one time, but what were they doing organizing these large stones in such a way. Were they fans … Continue reading

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it was a nice day to lounge around…

  for a tiger… for a brown bear….   for a leopard… and even for a bobcat… but someone had to stay awake…to watch out for any monkey business…    

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fire in the tree

we, like grey spindly-legged sentinels move for nothing but the wind or the cascade of the rain upon noisy ground   you, bleeding on fire-touched leaves move time’s sunset to timeless sunrise and capture trinity in my photo frame.       … Continue reading

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Baby Bunny

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Tiger Lily

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she hides in plain sight, her brown blending with other brown…but the earth suddenly not so horizontal, she appears at second glance. it was only because I stopped to attend to my own nature, that she appeared at all… which begs the question…what else did … Continue reading

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