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a microsecond of time…

….you enter. And, everything changes. The world outside changes. The world inside changes. Time passes without your knowledge. You watch clips of randomly passing lives- …the old lady who can’t quite keep her teeth in…the old man with sagging pants … Continue reading

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i’d rather be alone with God than in love with Ugliness

a heron flew off. and a red-wing black bird. and even two baby foxes slipped into thick brush to hide from my camera. ….after several attempts, this picture of purple columbines was the only one in focus. and that was … Continue reading

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all the pain in the world

if i was to walk the strand of that Jersey shore once again, my toes burning but deepening into the sand, i could not walk it without knowing…sensing…heart pain. the same type of pain i read about here on wordpress…every … Continue reading

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a lovely new fiction post

I have posted another fiction piece.┬áThe link is not working. Go to “fiction” and look for my gravatar and Mr and Mrs Boring and The Day After. It is best to read each segment, starting from the begining if you … Continue reading

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how do you speak love?

Talk is cheap…but love is priceless… you can talk all day, and say a whole lot of nothing…except that you are focused on yourself. what are you doing to say you love someone? are you saying it through words and … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Boring and the Pastel Purse

And now, the third segment in the Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring. Go to for the first and second posts. Soon, I will only post “the adventures” on that blog. He had never had a full-time love before … Continue reading

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tango for two…solomente mi

you know you’ve been alone too long…when you start swaying to the Colombian music…definite tango music…sitting alone on your side of the restaurant, sipping a soft drink and downing chile verde con pollo, rice and beans…the night so cold- muy … Continue reading

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where do you find yourself?

where do you find yourself- while I sit here alone, lonely, but at peace with God and happy to not be suffering from a loveless relationship- where do you find yourself? do you find yourself suffering because you have sacrificed … Continue reading

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in retrospect

in retrospect…perhaps my previous post was a bit too satirical, a bit too harsh. i have lived enough years and through enough pain that a little whining about one relationship irks me, when i have suffered heartache my entire life. … Continue reading

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love is like a chocolate cake

if i could sum up a few of the more poignant relationship blog posts I have discovered over the course of the past week on the world wide wonder, it might resemble this unabashedly uncharacteristic undulating stream of words i … Continue reading

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