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Gravity is for the birds

I have to admit- “online dating” sites are amusing, though not particularly beneficial for a guy like me. Some sites seem to reel in a different kind of fish- those that smell to high heaven. Others offer vixens that believe … Continue reading

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bottle-collected briste

if they knew… the limbs torn from within sinews ripped apart, dream after dream bone after bone, flesh after flesh, and never to join never in care- for care does not disappoint and tenderness is a touching that lasts. the … Continue reading

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the unthinkable? think again

it is taboo, not discussed in public. fear of humiliation. men aren’t supposed to be weaker physically. but anyone at anytime can become an abuser, and the facts are clear- more and more men are suffering from physical and mental … Continue reading

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How do I love thee? Let me count the glaze

We face a growing problem in The West. An increasingly disturbing range of bulging behemoths spend reckless days before computerized game devices, munching on the joys of high fructose corn syrup, powdered sugar, and genetically modified substances. Even the United … Continue reading

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all the friends in the world…

I gotta admit, I don’t like some people. I love them. They’re the kind of people you want to make laugh- the kind of people who smile like when the sun comes out, the kind of people who just brighten … Continue reading

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When you can’t love yourself

When you can’t love yourself and can’t seem to grasp not the world at large but the window before you- find a safe little place for some supernatural space and wait for the appearance of God.

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In the dusk of a world sick with sin

I submit to you that that are many people out there who do not love anyone, not even themselves. Recently, I read a short news article reporting about the multiple rape of a thirteen year old girl by a posse … Continue reading

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Return to me, and I will return to you

Return to me, and I will return to you. That is the message in the first part of Malachi 3. Way before the Lord speaks about the tithe in the latter part of Malachai 3, the Word speaks of Christ … Continue reading

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Step Away From the Laptop: How To Wipe Out Writer’s Block

And now for something so different, so amazingly useful…that you will never ever get writer’s block ever ever again! Ten Ways to Defeat The Evil “Writer’s Block:” 10. Step away from the laptop. Next, put on some “outdoor clothes,” get … Continue reading

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the road to the top of nowhere?

i have a headache the size of a mountain this evening…and it does not come from scaling heights to glimpse a fantastic view, like this one above Lost River, deep in Nowhere, West Virginia. No, it is a problematic headache, … Continue reading

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