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the society for the prevention of hostility toward unabridged dictionaries

where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time a passin where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time ago where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone gone to dumpsters every one when will they ever learn? when will … Continue reading

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Return to me, and I will return to you

Return to me, and I will return to you. That is the message in the first part of Malachi 3. Way before the Lord speaks about the tithe in the latter part of Malachai 3, the Word speaks of Christ … Continue reading

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A detour on the way to destiny

I’ve heard enough preachers in my day to do a full two hour stand-up routine with about every variety and denomination featured. I’ve heard some great phrases, one liners, and simple truths in those sermons too. I’ve boogied for Jesus … Continue reading

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I am a Patrick

Of all the people this world has seen in the thousands of years, of all the mortal men and women who have walked on this globe, few have a life that resonate more with my heart than Saint Patrick. I … Continue reading

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My dog can read…why can’t yours?

I love government, sometimes they show us just how intelligent our pets are. I was minding my own business one day, bound for one of the most challenging hiking experiences in northeastern West Virginia, when I came upon this sign … Continue reading

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The holy cat

This is a story about a cat who sinned at Catholic school and remained unrepentant until he traveled home with my father. ‘Tis only after my grandmother poured holy water on his head that he so changed, that the cat … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Floyd Collins

“Floyd Collins,” an off-broadway play that debuted in 1996, is one of the most intricate performances imaginable. It is a choreographer’s nightmare combined with an awkward musical score…a challenge for any actor. Still, tonight’s performance at the state theater proved … Continue reading

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A marker, a crayon, and a tax form

You gotta love the federal government. Yeah, the same people who insist we warn our children that peanut butter may contain peanuts, because the gunk was processed in a facility which may process peanuts. This is the same group of … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall get…snow!

Thank you, God! A nice big fat snowstorm with five inches of fluffy stuff- good enough for a mental break from the merry-go-round- one snow day of solitude. It gave me time to vacuum the carpet and flooring, and cook a wonderful … Continue reading

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