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when the joke is no longer funny

There’s nothing funny about hanging yourself because the voices told you to end it all. all the world is not a stage. we are not playing, this is not a game. the lights won’t suddenly come up after act one … Continue reading

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Step Away From the Laptop: How To Wipe Out Writer’s Block

And now for something so different, so amazingly useful…that you will never ever get writer’s block ever ever again! Ten Ways to Defeat The Evil “Writer’s Block:” 10. Step away from the laptop. Next, put on some “outdoor clothes,” get … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Watch Current Hollywood Movies

10. Too many movies based on an overuse of green screens. 9. No creativity, it has all been done before. Besides, I’m not into comic books, I’ve grown up. 8. Some stuff is so weird, you wonder what drugs they … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Floyd Collins

“Floyd Collins,” an off-broadway play that debuted in 1996, is one of the most intricate performances imaginable. It is a choreographer’s nightmare combined with an awkward musical score…a challenge for any actor. Still, tonight’s performance at the state theater proved … Continue reading

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Just a short note to say I am actively writing my newest play…I have reached a point in the play where the plot, characters, etc are all worked out- it is editing and lighting/sound I’m working on…so, nothing external now … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Seen My Imaginary Dog?

No one asks me anymore if I get lonely; it must be my age or a misunderstanding. Or perhaps, just perhaps, the world is collapsing into a void of black hole-indifference. But more likely, my colleagues and acquaintances believe my … Continue reading

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