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The first flowers of spring

Tucked away, deep in a hollow sheltered from the wind, these small white flowers, and the few beds within a hundred feet of them, are all that announces that spring is coming, that spring is here. Even though¬†white patches of … Continue reading

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Misplaced vision

To my “brothers and sisters” in the churches who have embraced the Mosaic Law, putting people into bondage in tithes, Jewish feasts, and 600 other laws, while saying they are living in the New Covenant: Stop swimming in a hole … Continue reading

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the society for the prevention of hostility toward unabridged dictionaries

where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time a passin where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone long time ago where have all the unabridged dictionaries gone gone to dumpsters every one when will they ever learn? when will … Continue reading

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How do I love thee? Let me count the glaze

We face a growing problem in The West. An increasingly disturbing range of bulging behemoths spend reckless days before computerized game devices, munching on the joys of high fructose corn syrup, powdered sugar, and genetically modified substances. Even the United … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Place

After reading a recent post online, I thought of this place…one of the most peaceful places I can remember…well, with the caveat that it was also in bear country, near wild huckleberries, a treat for bears. But I did not … Continue reading

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Meeting my favorite artist

I didn’t have it on my “bucket list.” I had no idea he would be there. But when I walked into the art gallery this evening, my favorite living artist stood near my favorite painting in the whole wide world. … Continue reading

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I’ll take 100 bayonets, a refrigerator, and an oscillating fan

What can you do with a 100,000 dollar helicopter missing a wing? Or, a Humvee with no engine block? How about 100 Reagan-era bayonets? Apparently, you can use them in a small town police force, even if the only dangerous … Continue reading

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all the friends in the world…

I gotta admit, I don’t like some people. I love them. They’re the kind of people you want to make laugh- the kind of people who smile like when the sun comes out, the kind of people who just brighten … Continue reading

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When you can’t love yourself

When you can’t love yourself and can’t seem to grasp not the world at large but the window before you- find a safe little place for some supernatural space and wait for the appearance of God.

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In the dusk of a world sick with sin

I submit to you that that are many people out there who do not love anyone, not even themselves. Recently, I read a short news article reporting about the multiple rape of a thirteen year old girl by a posse … Continue reading

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