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It is about -20 Celsius right now outside (-7 farenheight) …the kind of weather no one should be walking around in…unless you’re wearing enough padding that you resemble a Panda bear. but it wasn’t like that about six hours ago, … Continue reading

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Five Below and a Vortex of Snow

The snowfall is dancing around outside my window, a nice break from the killer Polar Vortex that came- with teeth a thousand miles wide and breath like Frosty the Snowman. It is scheduled to make an appearance again tonight, like … Continue reading

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it’s downright fierce out there today

It’s nice we’re having weather….’twould be a shame if we weren’t…. it is downright fierce out there today. not the kind of fierce that makes a grown man wet his pants. no, it is a cold no kitty could stand…a … Continue reading

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A Day At The Fair: 8/11/2013

This is what I saw at the fair today, in between spurts of lashing rain…

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I am being restored

The fog was so thick, I couldn’t see the white line. But that line meant the difference between the road and a rock-spiked mountain side. So, I strained. I lurched forward. All in an effort to see. And when the … Continue reading

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The Lone Dandelion

Saturday, as I hiked and climbed among my father’s kingdom, I discovered a lone flower, as the light from a fading afternoon slipped away from the tangled flora of the Laurel Creek Valley. Now, the snow covers it and most … Continue reading

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Yawning in place

Snow- the ever-present, the all consuming, the wintry one- refuses to leave my doorstep. Here I labor another hour to keep awake, yawning in place, drugged by the power of dim lights and dark days. Sleep is a tenderhearted woman, … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a Road Trip

It’s that time of year, deep-buried by the snow, I glance at my map, and plan where to go… I have a map in one hand, a cold glass of ginger beer in another. It’s about 14 degrees (farenheight- however … Continue reading

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the lonely snow

the lonely snow has no visitors now- she sits along the trail refusing to change. she’s colder than her cousins but doesn’t seem to mind- til bugs and bees and butterflies wake and crawl among the trees, drunk from their … Continue reading

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A taste of ocean weather

It feels like a day to drive to the beach- the sun is high and bright, temperatures rising, and the remnants of winter’s blanket disappearing into the ground along the railroad tracks. I am dreaming of ocean beaches, rather than … Continue reading

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